We make data protection part of
your company’s future and innovation.

We can make data protection part of
your company’s future and innovation.

GDPR implementation, audit

How does your data protection work roll? Need to get to the next level?

Let us explain the idea with GDPR. Our 13-item list enables you to meet the requirements and make it work in real life. Contact us for a workshop!

Or let us carry out an audit which is as close to the business as possible so we can point to the measures that give concrete results. See also here »

We analyse functions, processes and your services.

Advice from senior legal advisors

We are senior legal advisors with in-depth experience of working as inhouse counsels and advisors to management and operations, primarily in business related to telecom, IT and the Internet. We focus on making regulations work out in practise.

From us you get legal advice in the field of data protection legislation, IT- and telecomrelated law, commercial contract law, market law, governance and company law.

Interactive Law - Stockholm


– means collaboration, intercommunication and it is often in the areas where technology interacts with people that we provide legal advice.

Digitalisation provides endless possibilities when we put people at the center.

In order for the technology to create development and lasting value, it needs to be sustainable in the long run and meet democracy’s demands for, among other things, privacy protection. Our work with GDPR audits is part of this.

While cyber security is aimed at protecting the company’s secrets, it is the data subject – we humans – who are at the heart of the data protection work.

We are encouraged by the fact that the interaction between man and technology should work as well as possible. This is the vision of Interactive Law.