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We use cookies on our website,

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer, mobile phone, or other device when you visit the website. The cookie will help us to recognise your device next time you visit our website. Cookies may include personal data.

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can change the settings for this. If you do not want your personal data to be stored by cookies, you can configure your browser so that it notifies you whenever a cookie is received. If you do not consent to the use of cookies at all, you can set your browser so that you automatically deny the storage of cookies. Be aware of that the use of cookies may be necessary to provide certain features and choosing to reject cookies may reduce the functionality of our website.

We use two types of cookies. The first saves a file for a long time on the user’s computer. It is used, for example, for functions that tell the user what is new since their last visit to the site. The second type of cookie is called a session cookie and is temporarily stored in the user’s computer’s memory during the time the user is surfing the site. Session cookies are deleted when the browser is closed or shortly thereafter.

Our website also uses cookies that are generated by third-party products and services used on the site, including the following tools and products.

We useGoogle Analytics cookies, domain:

  • __utma
    Permanent cookie that is used to calculate the number of unique visitors to the site. Saves the number of visits, time of the first visit, previous visits and when the current visit was initiated, as well as the time of the last interaction with the site. Some of the information is updated at each pageview. Expires two years from the time it was added or last updated.
  • __utmb
    Session cookie used to calculate the number of visits to the site. Saves a unique number, number of pages viewed during the current visit, the time when the current visit began. Some of the information is updated at each pageview. Expires 30 minutes from the time it was added or last updated.
  • __utmc
    Session cookie used together with a __utmb cookie to work out whether a new visit is made to the site (30 minutes of inactivity is counted as a new visit in Google Analytics). Saves a unique number. Expires when the browser is closed.
  • __utmz
    Permanent cookie used to measure traffic sources and website navigation (for example, which search engine is used to access the site). Saves a unique number, timing of clicks from the traffic source, counter for traffic source and the name/type of traffic source, keywords from external search engines. Expires six months after it was added or last updated.
  • _gat
    Used for visitor tracking. Google Analytics identifies users by a unique identifier they call ”Client ID.” along with other parameters are stored within _ga cookie. You can see your client ID by using the following javascript command in console tab of the developer tools of your browser: ”document.cookie;”. Expires 2 years after it was added or last updated.
  • _gid
    This cookie is used to group the user behavior together for each user. Structure of its value is very similar to _ga cookie. You can examine it by using ”document.cookie” command. It expires after 24 hours of inactivity.
  • _gat
    This cookie is used for throttling requests to Google Analytics to increase the efficiency of network calls. When you are using doubleclick on your site or you have demographic/interest reports enabled, then your browser will also send hits to Google doubleclick. To limit the requests being sent from your browser to Google doubleclick, this cookie is created. It makes sure that doubleclick doesn’t get choked by too many requests. Here is what it looks like: _gat_UA-XXXXXX-1=1.

Use this link for more information about cookies set by Google.

We also use the following cookies:

  • cookielawinfo-check
    Remembers if you have said OK or rejected our Cookie policy. Expires after 24 hours.
  • pii_language
    Remembers which language you have chosen on our website. Expires after 24 hours.

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